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Is it safe enough that your N95 face mask?

Apr. 30, 2020

At the critical moment of fighting the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection, some supermarkets sold fake masks without date certifacation, which were seized and punished by law enforcement officials.

After investigation and verification by law enforcement officers, and after communication with the mask agent, it was learned that there was no marked production date on the certificate of conformity for these masks, and at present, law enforcement officers have detained these masks

What are the features of the mask printing machine coders?

At the same time of understanding the mask inkjet marking coding machine, we need to know some knowledge about the mask, especially some mask manufacturers, when choosing the mask machine, we can generally choose the matching of the mask machine and the inkjet printing machine and laser marking machine, whether compatible, whether can quickly match the production work to mark is the key.

N95 mask coding machine

Reusable masks, Inkjet code identification is critical, clear, high contrast identification, let us know whether this type of masks can be used many times, repeatedly, instantly can be used repeatedly, then what are the number of use?These key information, through the form of inkjet printing on the surface of the product, is a very simple and convenient means to let consumers know.

Meenjet (Refer to "Wuhan Xiantong Technology Co.,Ltd") as a inkjet coding marking factory with more than 10 years of experience in the TIJ inkjet industry, we know that the labeling of safe food packages and articles is fundamental. After 2020, more manufacturers will pay attention to the added value and some invisible functions brought by the inkjet date printer, such as the Internet of Things, tracing and circulation.

mask marking machine

Meenjet Mx2 Mask Printer as a kind of inkjet marking equipment used by the matching mask machine, the mask inkjet date coder machine is small, but the role is very crucial, and can give each mask an identity mark, including the model specification, the production Exp date, the production batch number, the brand information and so on,  and can be given one time, high speed code to form a clear mark.

In the application field of the spray inkjet coders, there are many means to enhance the value of the product code-granting logo, let the product through the code-granting, not only let people know the date of production and other basic information, but also can help manufacturers, brands to make business decision-making data support.

The mask marking printer inkjet coding machine from Meenjet Factory has been recognized and purchased by the majority of customers. The automatic online inkjet coding machine Mx1 Mx2 is currently the most popular mask printers machine, the length of the printed content is not restricted, the printing height is 2mm-25.4mm, to meet all the requirements of Disposable Mask / Medical mask printing. The Meenjet's mask inkjet coding machine is not just for non-woven fabrics, medical masks, disposable masks, protective clothing, and other anti-epidemic items, but can be printed on virtually any item's surface, such as plastic, sheet, carton, cable, pipe, electronics, and packaging of various materials. Contact us (whatsApp: 0086 15071080930)Meenjet offer you free print solution and more support.