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Meenjet To All- During COVID-19

Mar. 19, 2020

COVID -19 Situation UPDATE

Meenjet To All :

We are worried about the COVID-19 Epidemic which Brings Great Influence to All of Us. We make Promise to you that Despite the Current Epidemic Challenges Facing the World, Meenje has taken Active Measures to Provide Our Continuing Service and Protect our Employee,Customers and Partner at Best.

Especially for Meenjet Team and Our Family. We have Limited the Business Trip and Encouraged Working at Home.Meenjet Team has been used to Remote Communication and Cooperation with People around the World.

Despite the Special Situation, We still Runing Smoothly, you could Contact us through Regular Channels and Get Support for You and Your Business.

We Hope that Meenjet Team will Remain Active During the Challenging Periods During Stay Connected Throug Online Way.

We can Accept Orders (TIJ M6 M7 Mx1 Mx2 Mx4, HP Ink Cartridges, CIJ, Handheld Laser Printer) even We Can't Meet at the Exhibitions or Exclusive Visiting. We are Marking Efforts to Delivery the Goods as soon as possible.

In addition, We offer 24 Hours Instant Consultation and Remote Technical Support. In this very Unusual time, Meenjet is with You all the time!

Best Regards.