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Expiry Date Printing Machine M6Expiry Date Printing Machine M6Expiry Date Printing Machine M6Expiry Date Printing Machine M6Expiry Date Printing Machine M6

Expiry Date Printing Machine M6

Lot Number Printer Handheld batch expiry date coding machine. Thermal Inkjet-Cortex A9 quard-core CPU. 

300 DPI High Resolution Inkjet Coding Print / Removable Battery.

  • Printing dot matrix numbers, dates, times, QR Code, text, graphics, barcode.

  • Printing single and multi-line contents, maximum arrival 6 lines.

  • Adjustable font size and type.

  • Print up to not limit character on one line. 

  • Easy operation, free maintenance. Only need press-to-Print.

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  • Main Advantage of Handheld Inkjet Lot Number Printer Expiry Date Coding Machine

    1. 1. Easy to operate plug out or insert Stable High Quality Ink cartridge.

    2. 2. International design, imported core components and consumables.

    1. 3. IP54 protection grade, steady performance under poor working condition.

    2. 4. Modularized ink cartridge and print-head.

    3. 5. 4.3-inch touch screen operation system. You could use the touch pen or finger edit contents on portable inkjet coders. 

    4. 6. Marking small objects, the effect samiliar as small character machine. 

    5. 7. The print height of Industrial TIJ small handheld inkjet coder : 1mm Minimum, 12.7mm Maximum.

    6. 8. The most suitable printing distance (from nozzle to products) is 2-5 mm.

    7. 9. Support multi-languages: English, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Italian etc.

    The effect of Meenjet handheld inkjet printer:

    Expiry Date Printing Machine


    M6 handheld inkjet date coding machine support printing on many different materials: plastic bag, PE PVC bottles, carton boxe, thin cable, steelpipe, tube, metal materials, boards, smooth stone, electronic, automotive parts etc. M6 TIJ inkjet coding system print content: Text, Barcode, QR code, Number, Time, Date, Counter, Pictures, Symbols etc. Meenjet Industrial marking system handheld inkjet date coder also support OEM / ODM. 

    Expiry Date Printing Machine M6

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  • M6 TIJ Handheld Expiry Date Printing Machine

    ModelM6 Handjet Expiry Date Inkjet Printer
    NozzleTIJ 2.5 Thermal foaming nozzle
    Operating systemLinux
    CPUQuad core 1.4Hz
    LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Italian
    Shape featuresABS+PC
    Net weight0.8kg
    Printing height12.7mm
    Printing distance2-5mm
    Print contentText, time, batch number, serial, number, logo, QR code, barcode
    Storagethe system can store more than 1000 message   (external USB make the information transfer in a free way)
    Printing length2000 characters for each message, no   limitation on length
    Printing   speed70m/min
    Ink   colourBlack,   white, red, yellow, blue, green
    External   interfaceUSB,   Photoelectric interface
    VoltageDC16.8   lithium battery(2600mAh*4) , work more than 4 hours and 8 hours standby
    Power   consumptionthe   average power consumption is lower than 5W
    Working   environmentTemperature:0   - 38 degree; Humidity: 10% - 80%
    Printing   materialboard,   carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic product, electronic, the fiber   board, light steel keel, aluminum foil, etc.