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What materials can use Quick-dry ink cartridge?

Jun. 27, 2018

How quick-dry ink cartridge inkjet printer apply to metal & plastic inkjet. Oily ink cartridge inkjet printer is low cost running model. There is no need to add any mixture solvent, saving ink and consumables. Oily ink cartridge inkjet printer is safe and environmental for metal package inkjet. Environmental oily ink never pollute ptinring object. It is the first choice for beverage and food industry mark package.

Quick-dry ink cartridge inkjet printer adopts to one button boot, easy to change ink cartridge. Sealing ink supply system make the ink safer. Multifunctional inkjet printer can printer bitmap fonts and entity fonts. It is no need to touch the printing object. Non-touching inkjet printer can not only promise the perfect product mark but also match the production line and satisfy the fast inkjetting. The inkjet information has traceability. Printing production date expiry date, batch code,security code, bar code, QR code can improve the management while logistic.
The core-competitiveness of inkjet printer equipment is up to quality and after-sale service. A good manufacturer can always make a more resonable using plan for customer in the shortest time to help user solve problem and realize the core technology of inkjet industry. Therefore, as the fast-thriving inkjet printer market, enhancing the core-competitiveness of manufaturers and achieve the price transparence is a inherent process.