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Imported original ink cartridge use on different products material

Jun. 27, 2018

Quality Ink, Worth Choice

Inkjet printer ink cartridge basic knowledge include: The PH of ink cartridge is in 7-8, so it doesn't have corrosiveness and won't damage the printing materials. The appropriate ink viscosity can prevent nozzle from blocking. Electrical conductivity of ink stands for the saltness of it. Don't crystallize the ink or corrode the nozzle membrane nozzle. The ink type can be devided into pigment ink and dye ink according to color. It also can be devided into water based ink and oily ink according to solvent.

1.What should we do if the ink or solvent were got on skin?

Take off the dirty clothe right away, and wash the affected part with clean water over 15 minutes. If becomes pricking or swollen for long time, please visit a doctor.


2.What should we do if the ink or solvent were got in eyes?

Wash the eyes with clean water. If wear contact lenses, take them out.Seperate the eyes, wash them with clean water over 15 minutes and then visit a doctor.


3.Inhaling solvent mist.

Transfer the injured person to fresh air place.If the injured person stops breathing, he should be given artificial respiration and taken to hospital right away. Notes: warm the injured person and make him rest.