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Importance of inkjet printing machine supplies

Jun. 27, 2018

Importance of inkjet printing machine supplies

     Meenjet inkjet printer has a wide range of printing contents: Chinese, English, Arabic, number, symbol, QR code, bar code, image, date, counter, variable data, etc. It can apply to board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastics, electronics, auto parts, anti-counterfeit label, food package, daily chemical products, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

     Inkjet printer are applied to all walks of life. For large companies, the using number of inkjet printers is even up to hundreds. There are many different kinds and prices of inkjet printers on the market. Some people choose the expensive, and others picked up the cheap. In fact, choosing the cheapest supplies is one of the worst ways to pick supplies. Choosing the most suitable supply can save production time, money and material in the future. Due to the machine failure caused by improper supplies, the production efficiency will also decreased. long-term use of inappropriate ink supplies will lead to slow disease on machine, and the machine will go bad over time. If the inkjet printing machines is operated strictly in accordance with the instructions, considering the suitability of products firstly rather than the price, the service life of inkjet printing machine will be certainly extended. Choosing the high-quality and suitable inkjet printer supplies plays a significant role in the normal running and maintenance of the inkjet printing machine.


     Every band of inkjet printing machine may use the different supplies due to the different characteristics. Every inkjet printer factory will specially develop printing ink, solvent, and detergent which are the most suitable for their own machines. All these supplies are original supplies. The inkjet printer are designed with strict requirement such as viscosity, granularity, electrical conductivity, drying time, adhesive force, corrosivity and PH, and all these should be control in a certain range. Inkjet printers from different factories and types are not replaceable. The ink of different types of inkjet printing machine has different basic materials, dyes, etc. Therefore, different types of ink can’t be used together because different kinds of ink will easily react to produce precipitate. In this way, the inkjet printing machine will be damaged and the ink system will breakdown, too.