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Wish A Reliable, Stable High-Resolution Inkjet Printer?

May. 31, 2018

To choose a reliable, stable and high resolution inkjet printer from all the coding equipments on the market, have you ever think about what condition it must be required?The biggest advantage of HP TIJ tech compared to other technology is Free Maintenance. How to make this come true?No matter you are a distributor or a consumer, you have the same concern -- the economic loss caused by the unstable equipment. For distributors, it means you have to spend a lot of energy providing after sale service. If the production line is a continuous one, then your technician need to be on call 24 hours. Also you need to consider the long-distance transportation expense. Distributors will be in a passive position, and can't provide further value-added services based on a good user experience. For end users, an unstable printer means a big down-line cost, you need to pay extra time and will be also under a risk of faulty printing packages.So how to choose a reliable, stable and high-resolution inkjet printer with truly maintenance free? Take Wuhan Xiantong Technology CO.,LTD for example (below we say "Meenjet" for short).

Wish A Reliable, Stable High-Resolution Inkjet Printer?cid=37

The printing performance: The printing font must be clear and beautiful, and can set enough printing lines. Meenjet's high-resolution inkjet printer could print high-definition images, bar code, dot matrix text information, dot matrix fonts, hollow fonts and so on. It has large amounts of information storage, and it can also read image and other files from USB storage.

The code-marking machine speed: It should match the speed of production line, especially the high speed production industries like drink, beer and so on. If the speed of inkjet printer can not match, it will bring much loss to company.

The stability of the inkjet printer: The machine should be stable with low failure rate. Meenjet products are high quality, durable, stable and reliable with excellent performance, long power life, widely use in various fields.

The operation and maintenance of the inkjet code machine shall be simple and convenient: The operation interface is easy to master, and the ink solvent is easy to maintain. Meenjet inkjet machine has light body, easy to carry, operate and use. 360 degree full range of printing, to meet the needs of production. Online touch editing, no need to connect the computer.

The environmental adaptability of a Inkjet printer: Fully sealed casing, high protection level to adapt to poor production environment. Meenjet inkjet machine has stainless metal casing with plastic spraying and color screen with  perfect proportion. The exclusive customized metal boxes are high-end, safe to carry and easy to store.

So if you obey above 5 standards, purchasing A Reliable, Stable High-Resolution Inkjet Printer is becoming easier and easier.