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Introduction of New Model Continuous Inkjet Printer MX1880PRO

May. 11, 2021

With the rapid development of the Internet era, the integration of economic information technology has been promoted, and various 

types of coding and marking schemes have been widely popularized, making more and more marking equipment known to consumers.

Daily correct use and maintenance, reducing production costs, and prolonging the service life of equipment are the most concerned 

issues for many consumers. Today,  we will show how we can easily solve some faults or common problems in the machine during daily use.

MeenJet 1880Pro

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printer is on the market!

Start your journey to Industry 4.0

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

From intuitive interface to smart design, various functions are easy to use for all operators

1. The use of high-tech modular design improves the stability of the machine and provides the possibility of rapid maintenance

2. Rich optional external interfaces such as serial port, network port, USB port, expandable input and output IO port, etc.

3. The optimized and upgraded print head integrates heating, phase detection and amplification, positive air pressure 

output, high-voltage insulation and adaptation to pigment ink

4. Modular design, industrial aesthetics and modular design, IP55 protection level, improve the stability of the machine.

5. Modular ink circuit system, quick and clean consumables can be added, ink system that can be maintained quickly

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

The maintenance of CIJ small character inkjet printers has always been a headache for manufacturers, and they have always been looking forward to a product that 

can make the production line more assured and continuous operation without professional maintenance, and solve the worries of the production line.

Now it's coming! Innovative technology for agile marking, the launch of the new smart CIJ small character inkjet printer MX1880Pro redefines maintenance, and simplifies 

routine maintenance through innovative technology, which can be completed within 5 minutes without the need for professionals, greatly reducing customer maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

Modular sprinkler design

Make replacement of most common problems quick and easy

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

Built-in inductive sensor,

More thoroughly to avoid ink build-up leading to incomplete coding,

The automatic flushing function is easy to operate,

The nozzle cleaning process is simple and reliable.

(Ensure that the correct coding of excellent quality is always provided)

Modular innovation technology

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuous Inkjet Printers

The integrated module design has no mess, no waste, no error,

All ink/solvent in the ink/solvent box can be discharged,

And provide additional protection against leakage during transportation and handling.

It is easy to maintain and use, and there is no need to worry about hazardous waste, which can simplify daily maintenance.